I was used before with the first shade Porcelaine , but because I wanted to try this product, I chose Ivory. This shade matches perfectly my skin tone. Before I was trying to make my face darker by using a dark bronzer from E.L.F., but now everything is so much easier.

What I Love♥:

*The packaging is pretty fantastic=>it has the cute princess crown logo and the pump

*It covers everything and lets the face look natural

*It is not watery, but also not a mousse

* You don’t have to use a big amount of foundation for a full coverage

* SPF 18

What I Don’t Love♥:

*If the face is not very well moisturized, it will look horrible

*It transfers very easy

*Makes my skin become oilier than it was before when I was using other foundations, and that’s why I don’t recommend this one to those who have oily face

*after 3-4 hours of wearing it, the imperfections come to light and there is quickly needed a  retouch

That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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