My at Home Mani/Nail Care Routine♥




Doing your nails can get really fun and personally I like to do my manicure twice a week. During the week I am not according the fully treatment to my nails because I don’t have the necessary mood, but in the week-end I always dedicate about 40 minutes for giving them a fresh manicure. Below is a step-by-step guide on how I do my own manicures.

Step 1: Remove old polish



Step 2: Clean the remaining residues


Because the cotton pad will never remove the nail polish near the lateral nail folds I use a Q-tip full of acetone and I clean the nail.

Step 3: Soak the nails


Use a big bowl with warm water and add a good liquid soap and olive oil for softening the nails and the hand.I am using the Anti-bacterial gentle foaming hand soap by Bath&Body Works and the scent of this one makes my hand smell delicious and the room too.

Step 4: Deep Cleaning


This tool always removes the old skin left on my nail plate and the nail polish which remained on the nail folds even if I used the Q-tip.

Step 5: Remove and push back cuticles


Step 6: Use Nail Whitener and Strengthener 



Step 7: File and shape


Step 8: Paint nails


I combined these 2 nail polishes for a cute look.  For obtaining the color I wanted, I used 3 coats of nail polish.

Step 9: Moisturize hands

Don’t forget to apply a hand cream after the nail polish dried.

Final Look


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