The “MUST-HAVE” Makeup Brushes♥


Every single girl who is using at least eye-shadow and foundation should have some basic makeup brushes in her beauty bag. I personally don’t have a huge collection of brushes because I bought only those which I needed and from time to time I add a new brush for replacing the old ones because in this way I improve my routine. Down bellow you can see the brushes I use for a daily makeup routine.

Eye Brushes♥



With these 3 brushes you can obtain a perfect makeup for the eyes by applying an eye- shadow, after that you can blend colors with the blending brush and by using the smudge brush the makeup will be more defined.

Face Brushes♥


 If you like to keep the makeup simple then these are the perfect brushes for you.


If you want to add more definition to your face then you should definitely use the contouring brushes: fan brush for highlight, the blush brush and the bronzer brush.

Just remember the steps:

  1. bronzer
  2. blush
  3. highlighterface_of_a_girl_x

That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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