How I Stay Positive and Happy♥


Two months ago I finally found the secret of happiness. I finally can say that I became a happier person, even if sometimes I am surrounded by negative persons who always are sending negative vibes.

I learned from a dear friend at work, that in life anything you want can happen if you want that thing really hard. This aspect helped me to dare to dream at things which I thought they were impossible to me before. Now I smile all the time because I am so pleased with my life at this moment, and I know that things will gonna get even better in the next few months.

I started my “education” by reading a book named “The attitude is everything” by Jeff Keller. This one really made the difference, made me change my general attitude, improve the way I was seeing my future and taught me how to stay positive everyday even if other people don’t share the same feeling as me ( and I can say that there are a lot).

After that, I saw this documentary – movie “The Secret“. This had a big impact in my life and my boyfriend’s.  This movie offered me some explanations on how the positive attitude and thoughts work. The documentary is made around a  physical law: attraction. And this really makes sense and this fact really convinced me!

I feel so happy, full of joy, pleased of my life at this moment and this is just because I changed my attitude of seeing life. I hope this post will make a big difference yours too.

Let’s be happy together!

That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!


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