My Travel Beauty Bag♥


1We all know that for us, girls, a small amount of luggage means sometimes 2 big suitcases and a handbag. But that’s another story. I always had this big problem with packing. I still have it, but I kind of try to control it. Everytime I have like a small trip of 3 days to a cabin with my friends, I always take a big suitcase and a handbag. It’s in my nature to have lots of clothes and beauty products so that I can be prepared in case of something. This time, I finally did it. I came home for 2 weeks with only one suitcase and my bag. I left all my kits of eye-shadows and blushes home and I took only a few things. Let me show you what my travel beauty bag contains:

I fell in love with this eye makeup remover from Nivea. I bought this one here, in my hometown, and if you want a review on this product, just leave a comment down bellow. I use baby wipes for cleansing my face (when I travel) but this thing is temporary, because I am still searching for a perfect gel cleanser for my face and until then I will be using these.
I am obsessed with the scent of the Dove Deodorant and I think I purchased this product for 5 times by now.

When it comes to makeup for my face, I took only the foundation, a blush and a concealer. Even so, I haven’t used the blush at all because I wanted to keep it all simple.
When it comes to the eyes, I have my 2 favorite mascaras which are the perfect combo for my small lashes, and a black eye pencil just in case for a higher definition.


I love my brushes in the normal size even when I travel because I can use them so easy and they fit perfectly in my beauty bag. I took a brush for each important step for contouring the face and one small brush for the eye pencil. I always have lots of lipsticks, lip balms and lip-glosses in my bag. Because this fragrance has the smallest package from all the ones I own, i took this one so it can fit in the small beauty bag.

I also forgot to add here the face cream. The one I am using at this moment is the Olay Essential Complete Care Face Cream.I hope this post will help you in the future packing.

That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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