DIY Inspiration Board- Summer Edition♥


I am so exited about this DIY! This one is like the first serious DIY I have ever done for my blog and for my room. I always loved the inspiration boards especially now, when I know how important is to visualize your dreams, your wishes and also your happy moments ( here is about stay positive and reach your dreams).

Yesterday I went to my favorite store, IPB( International Paper Business), which is for me like the shoes store for other girls. I might have spent there lots of hours just searching for new products for my desk and room and so on. While I was looking for a new ballpoint, the idea of making an inspiration board just crossed my mind. The colors I chose fit my pillows from my bed and also the room.

For this DIY you will need:

* a material like the cork board

*flower fabric belt

*paper flowers




*any other objects for ornament(e.g. cute envelopes)

I started by measuring the margins of the cork board and fitting a piece of the flower fabric belt.



After that I took the BIC White Glue and glued the fabric belt. I used this product, because this room is a temporary one, because in the fall I am moving again and I really want to take this board with me too. At that moment I will just detach the board, the wall will be clean and the board will be the board.


After this step, I chose one flower from the ones bellow, glued it and added some small blue gems in the middle. I placed the flower in one corner, like this:



I had these wonderful, colorful and cute envelopes and I decided to pick one and place it in one corner of my inspiration board.



 I also cut a few fabric flowers from the belt and glued them randomly on the board. I glued the board with the BIC White Glue on the wall, above my bed, and waited ’till it dried. While I was waiting, I searched for some quotes in a magazine, for a picture which means all to me and also some other cute things which could be pined on my board.


And the inspiration board came like this:


That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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