NOTD: Give your nails a longer look♥


These days I love having a pattern on my nails. Even if I have a really busy period, making my nails look different every 3 days, makes me enjoy the way I look even more. I always try to keep it simple, because I don’t like complex manicures that use more than 3 different colors and more than 2 patterns.

For this look I applied 2 shades of nail polishes, each one, on half of the nail, to create a longer look. I used this pattern because my nails break every time I try to grow them longer and that’s why I sometimes try to make them look longer using the optical illusion.

The colors I used are in the picture bellow:


The range Golden Rose has products which make a better job than the nail polishes from Maybelline and Astor. I have had some nail polishes for 2-3 years now which are still good and, when it comes to texture, it looks perfect from the first coat.

You can check the products I used:

*Top Coat Golden Rose shade 201

*Base Color Golden Rose shade 332

*Oriflame Pure Colour shade Light Silver

*The Silver Glitter was a gift and it has no code or brand on it.

That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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