Presentation: Sephora Artist’s It Palette♥


For the Spring Summer 2014, Sephora came out with the limited edition Arty Pastel.  From the name of the brand you can tell that this one is focused on pastel and basic colors for women.

The collection contains, besides the Cotton Candy Effect Nail Polishes, Artist’s Blush and Pastel Full Action Mascara, the Artist’s IT Palette.

This one contains 8 pastel colors of eye shadow and also a mirror. The palette is perfect for a traveler because it is a combination of basic and pastel colors. With these shades can be created 2 different looks: for day time and for night time. The colors are also saturated and vibrant, they last for a really long time and you won’t ruin your makeup when you are applying it ( the eye shadow won’t fall on your lower eyelid). I payed for it almost 13$ (46 RON) .

 This palette full fills all my needs when it comes to a daily basis makeup and I will definitely take it with me wherever I travel.


I know that I might sound crazy, but I bought this product mainly for packaging.    


That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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