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Lately I’ve been so obsessed about planners… And that’s why I am making today an inspiration post. 

Before, I had a regular agenda and I pimped up her cover ( check here) but after that one got full, I needed a new one and searched on internet for ideas. I saw lots of Filofax, Erin Condren Life Planners, and Kikki.K but they were way to expensive if you added the shipping fees too. And let’s face it. You can buy a cheap organizer and invest the rest of the money in personalizing it, because this act costs even more then the planner itself.

I stopped searching on internet and delayed any thought of buying a new planner. But after a few days, after I asked in every library about this kind of planner, I found the perfect one ( except of the color of the cover) in Kaufland. I never thought that I would find this type of agenda with pockets on the inside part of a cover, because this was a must for me.

Now I am in that phase when I am personalizing it, creating cute boards for sticky notes and different other stuffs. When I am done with it, I will create a post on how I pimped it up.

And here are my inspiration pictures:


large (5)

large (2)

large (3)


large (4)

I am also so obsessed with washi tape right now. I searched for this one online, but I couldn’t find a good deal. I searched in every library and every time I was asking, that person would look at me like I was saying something strange…My boyfriend even searched for it in Bucharest and couldn’t find anything at all. If you know a place where I can get cute washi tape, or a website, then please tell me!! I will be so grateful. Now I will show you some amazing pictures with what you can create using washi tape:

large (8)

large (7)

large (9)

large (10)

large (11)

large (6)

What do you think about this type of planner? Do you own one? I would love to hear your answers.

That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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  • Adela
    septembrie 20, 2014

    Uuuu! Ce dragute sunt pozele!

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