NOTD: Second week of #nonailpolish nails & healthier nails♥


Hello, girls. Today I will talk to you about my addiction to nail polishes and about my first 2 weeks of no nail polish after 9 years.

I started to paint my nail in the 4th grade. It was the first time I took a nail polish from my mom and started to paint my nails everyday. Don’t think that from that moment I wore only red, purple and any other hard pigmented nail polishes, but for a really long period of time I daily used different shades of pink on my nails. About 2 years ago I saw that my nails were so damaged and ever since I couldn’t ever grow my nails long.

Even if my nails were in the worst stage, I couldn’t give up nail polish even for a short period of time. I had periods when I had my nails nail polish free but just for one up to 2 days. You can imagine how my nails were looking 2 weeks ago.

Therefore I decided I needed to do something to save my nails and I bought myself this Expert Treatment from Farmec, a romanian brand. They have good products and the prices are affordable. I tried their nail polishes before and I had 3 or maybe 4 shades I repurchased.

This product is Lotion with vitamin B5 ( ro: Lotiune cu vitamina B5) and this treatment really worked. I am so impressed to see how strong my nails are now. Because it contains formaldehyde my cuticles became really dry, even if I applied coconut oil every time… But I am so pleased with the final result!


How my nails were  2 weeks before:

* weak


*were always peeling off

How my nails are now:


*whiter( they still need to be treated)

*no more peeling off

I am now going on the third week of #nonailpolish and I will definitely have in the future at least 2 days of #nonailpolish per week! 

That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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  • Ana Maria Blog
    septembrie 14, 2014

    Waw , de 9 ani tu tot timpul iti faci unghile cu oja ?! Eu am avut perioade de nonailpolish si timp de cateva luni :)). Intradevar tratamentul asta de la farmec functioneaza : l-am folosit si eu dupa ce mi-am distrus unghiile cu gel :D
    Pupici :*

    • julia
      septembrie 14, 2014

      Daa. Pentru ca imi place cum arata unghiile mele date cu un lac sau oja decat nude:)) chiar si cand ma hotaram sa fac o pauza, le dadeam cu lac:)) pupici:*

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