My Current Skincare Routine♥


Hello loves! How have you been? Today I will show you my current face routine which works wonderfully for me, such that for 2 years now, my face is clean and just occasionally it happens to appear one pimple on my chin. That is the place where I mostly touch it with my hand and that’s why.

I found the perfect receipt for a flawless face 2 years ago at an workshop organized by Oriflame. The secret is that if you are under 25,then your face should be cleaned with a gel and not cleansing milk because we don’t need  extra moisturizing. And at that time I bought the Pure Skin Face Wash  and it really cleaned my face. Now I have a new gel because I love to try new products and I will present you my favorites at this moment.

The first one is the Aveeno Cleanser o which I did a review before.


The second one is the Olay Toner which makes the face feel so fresh and you all know that a toner is very important because it takes away even the last traces of foundation.


The third product I use in my daily routine is this cleansing milk by Bioten which is amazing! You might be confused to see it even if above I talked to you about not using it. I bought it for removing the makeup on my eyes. That’s right. This is the first cleansing milk which never caused me burning when I used it, unlikely the Nivea ones which were causing me such discomfort.


The fourth product is the face cream by Elmiplant. I really wanted to try this product because the other ones I used from them left me such a good impression and I skipped this month the Olay Face Cream and chose this. So far it is working amazing.


And for the last step I like to apply a lip balm like the Lip Rescue which I ordered it from iHerb.

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And that’s all, my loves! I hope you enjoy it and you will find it useful. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and how did they work for you!

 That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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