Personal Life: Friends from high-school vs. college♥


This is like the first post which is related to philosophical stuff written on my blog. As you can see, I’ve changed the main subject of my blog a while ago and now my blog should be known as Julia Hasch: Lifestyle & Beauty. Why lifestyle? Because I think I can present you my lifestyle from which anyone can learn something just as I learn from other bloggers. Today I really want to talk about friends from high-school which I think they are friends for a life time.

I am the happy “owner” of lots of girlfriends and a few boyfriends. Or perhaps the number is equal? I can’t count right now.

Among these best friends is my editor too, who is my boyfriend’s best friend and thus he is mine too. He just went to college in  England and this sucks because we miss him (I miss you too Julia, John :) ). And in this way I want to thank him very very much for the help with my blog! Thank you, dear John!


My girls are amazing. You can see a part from them in this  picture and they are the same from a previous post named Personal Life: Meet A Part Of My Best Friends♥.


Even if a dear friend of mine, which is older than me, told me once that in college you would never make friends like in high-school and that the people are really mean, at this stage of your life, I will say yes and no. Why? Because I saw that some friends are just when it comes to parties and, when you are just not that type of person, they leave you behind. But there are others, just like Ana Maria and Geanina ( another friend from kinder garden) who will stick with you whatever it happens.



What I want to underline with this post is that if you are in high-school, then you still have time for beautiful friendships! Never say you’ll have time in college because you won’t find the friends you are dreaming for.

That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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