Wishlist #1♥


Hello, guys! How have you been lately? I decided to make my first Wishlist because I realized how much I enjoy reading this kind of posts on other blogs and I thought that I should do one myself.

The first thing on my wishlist is a small puppy which remains small sized all his life. I  already have a dog, named Spandau, which is a Bichon, but he is so big and it is really hard to take care of him.


The second item on my wish list would be a Pandora Bracelet just like this one. I found about these bracelets on MiuMiu’s Blog and I fell in love. The charm is a symbol for protection.


On the third position is the “Julia” necklace. I can’t explain why I like this one, but I want it! (maybe because my name is Julia?)
The object #4 on my wishlist would be this black H&M bag. I’ve wished for this bag for months but it never became a priority. Maybe in the future I will manage to get my hands on it!
large (1)
How does your wishlist, for this month, look like?

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That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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