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The skincare Tag♥


Buna, dragilor! Eu am mai terinat cu inca un examen iar saptamana viitoare voi incheia prima sesiune din anul 2 pentru totdeauna! Saptamana trecuta am fost taguita de Stefana de la The Pretty Blossoms  sa fac acest tag dragut despre ingrijirea tenului si trebuie sa va marturisesc ca am fost extraorinar de fericita pentru ca eu cred ...

My Current Skincare Routine♥


Hello loves! How have you been? Today I will show you my current face routine which works wonderfully for me, such that for 2 years now, my face is clean and just occasionally it happens to appear one pimple on my chin. That is the place where I mostly touch it with my hand and that's ...

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