Haul&Review: Yves Rocher Product


I discovered the  Yves Rocher Shop a few days ago. From there I bought this Nutri-Repair Conditioner for my severely damaged hair. I have such a bad hair period because he just falls everywhere probably because of the stressful period I had. That’s why I bought this product. I also tried the product and at first I didn’t saw a difference, except of the  unattractive smell of the lotion, because it was too soon to notice something else. Today I woke up with a very soft hair and without any tangles. He moisturizes the ends of my hair so deep. I have more hair products from Oriflame Sweden and a special Serum for Dry Ends by Avon. The last one had a great effect at first, but after a while he just stopped his healing acts.

I am very pleased of the effects of this conditioner and I can say that it is a perfect product for deeply damaged hair. I hope it won’t disappoint me too soon like the last serum.




That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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