Review: Casting Creme Gloss by Loreal Paris ♥


I am using this  conditioning colour for 6 months and I dyed my hair  only 3 times. Because my hair is natural blonde, using a conditioning colour makes a difference, but the roots are not so visible. I started using this product because I wanted a change and I always loved the blonde colour. I chose this product because it doesn’t damage my hair as hard as a regular dye does.


What I Love♥:

  • the nuance I  achieve to, it’s a wonderful one
  • the conditioner which is given with the conditioning colour makes the hair feel very soft and smell gorgeous
  • it doesn’t damage the hair

What I Don’t Love♥:

  • the hair  get’s tangled  too easy
  • when I am using the product I feel sometimes that my scalp burns, and other wives it feels just fine

Here is a collage with a picture of my hair before and after using the Casting Creme Gloss by Loreal Paris.


That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

2 Responses
  • Anutzza
    noiembrie 22, 2013

    Nu stiam ca te-ai vopsit :) . Imi place si before si after ;)

    • Julia
      noiembrie 26, 2013

      Multumesc. :* Am ales o nuanta care sa fie apropiata de culoarea mea naturala si o vopsea care sa nu.mi strice parul prea tare.:D

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