Review and Comparison: Lycra Pro Nail Polish by Rimmel London vs. Colorama Nail Polish by Maybelline♥


I bought today another 3 beauty products because I can’t  hold myself . I found these two nail polishes from Rimmel London and  Maybelline and a lipstick Color Whisper by Maybelline. ( I had 3 chances in the past to buy this lipstick but I always thought that no color of that range was suitable for me. I finally decided and I picked Lust for Blush.)

I will make a comparison between the two nail polishes because even if my manicure was done yesterday I wanted to try these new products and you will see next why I had the chance to try both.

The first one I tried was Colorama Nail Polish by Maybelline in shade 86.


What I Love♥:

  • the color; it has kind of a discreet shimmer in it


What I Don’t Love♥:

  • you need to apply 2 layers if you want a perfect look
  • after the second layer the aspect is very damaged with embossed lines
  • it seems it takes ages for getting dry and even after 20 minutes it might be not fully dried


These are the aspects which made me remove this polish and try the other one Lycra Pro Nail Polish by Rimmel London in shade 292 Sorbet So Good.



What I Love♥:

  • this product comes with a maxi brush which is absolutely perfect for my nails because with the regular brush I always tend to leave product on the nail folds. BIG PLUS FOR THE BRUSH!
  • it dries super fast and you can wash anything or carry things after 5 minutes from application


What I Don’t Love♥:

  • for a matte finish it needs 3 layers applied


The finish look:


That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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