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There are more types of people when it comes to organizing the personal life. Personally I am included in that category of people who can’t plan every minute of their lives because most of those plans will fail. But still, I like to keep my life organized and here comes the technology which is the most suitable for me.
Classical methods
Because I have a bad memory, I can’t write down all my appointments and events in an agenda. I always need to be announced by an alarm or something to bring the events in my memory. Even so, I still have 2 notebooks. The first one is for university (schedule, projects, test, the dates of the exams, and also ideas for BLOG POSTS) and the second one is for making small notes like a phone number, writing down some details while I am speaking at the phone and so on. 
If you choose this way of organizing your life, using marker pens in different cute colors, sticky notes and stickers will improve your style of organizing your life and in this way you won’t forget adding something to your planner.
For very important things to do, you should have also on your desk a little cute toy with a clip like I have and which has the purpose of reminding you something really important for that day or the next one. This object can be used also just for several important papers which are supposed to be in front of you.
Technological methods
When it comes to technological methods for organizing your life the best devices are the phone and the tablet you own. 
I am more an iOS lover than an Android one, because I like the simplity of this software. And at this chapter I can say that AppStore offers more cute apps than the Android Market.
IMG_1486[1] IMG_1487[1]
The Apple Apps which I find the best for organizing my life are: Jorte(my favourite app, because it is so customizable- you can change the font and the color, and also you have emoji), Calendars, Notes(the one which comes with the iPhone), Calendar( the classic one), and Noeeva (it’s a Wedding Planner and I ran into it when I was searching for more planners and I kept it because it is too cute and I save it for when that moment will come).
For the tablet I found only 3 apps which suits my taste. These are : Go Note Widge Schedule Planner and The last app can be found also on the AppStore.
With all these cute and affordable objects you can keep your life organized and simple.
That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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