Blog Series: Purifying that face♥


Every girl should apply a mask once a week because we all want to have a clean face, even if we don’t want to do nothing to achieve that.And it doesn’t work like that.

I made a review, 3 months ago, of the lip balm by this company “Himalaya Herbals” (read post here) and 2 weeks ago I found this Purifying Neem Mask and I said that I must give it a try because the lip balm really impressed me and I am still obsessed with it.

So, this mask really offered me like the best treatment ever for my face.  At first I didn’t pay attention to the fact that this mask was based on Neem, so I wasn’t expecting to smell like herbs. I couldn’t identify correctly the smell, but finally I saw the packaging again and I googled this name and found that Neem is a tree from India and it is used in medical and cosmetic purpose for 100 years.  After I removed the mask, my face was so soft and I realized that this was the first mask that was good for me. Even the clay powder wasn’t that good.

This is a really natural alternative to all those expensive masks you all use, because it smells like herbs and not like a nice perfume. I really like this mask and I really recommend it to you, because with this product my face is doing better than before.

That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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