How I lost 2 cm in the waist and belly♥


As some of you know, I am in the first year of college and after my first session of exams, I kind of gained weight. This fact was a result of my bad eating behavior, late snacks full of bad carbohydrates and so on. At first I didn’t saw the difference because I am tall and I gained just a few kilos but those really made a difference in the way my body was looking. The fat was on my belly, on my feet and on my back.

Finally I realized that I wasn’t looking so good anymore, so I decided that I need to do something to change that aspect. I was extremely happy to find out that a friend of mine offered me an invitation to a nutrition center for a Wellness Evaluation. I saw there my body parameters ( the percentage of hydration, the muscle mass, and so on), and the consultant gave me a customized solution: the Shake Formula 1, Cell Activator and Vitamins and Minerals.

At first I decided just to make a weight maintenance program, but after I saw that the dress I was supposed to use at my boyfriend’s prom didn’t fit and then I decided I need to lose some weight fast.

I made this program for 1 week, and after this period my waist became smaller by 2 cm, my belly too and the hips with 1 cm.

The program:

2* Shake Formula 1: one in the morning and one at night

3*Cell Activator


3 L of water everyday

1 consistent meal full of vegetables, seeds and no bread.

I was finally happy to see that the dress was looking stunning on my body and lot of people saw that I lost some weight.

I am still keeping this program because I really want to be ready for summer.

I downloaded the app PumpUp which is amazing and if you want to follow then search for ciocoxd and you will find me.

Let’s stay fit together!

That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

2 Responses
  • Ana Maria B
    mai 29, 2014

    Super ! Felicitari
    Te puup :*

  • julia
    mai 30, 2014

    Multumeesc! Puup :*

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