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Hello guys! There are only 10 days left until I will be on my way to the seaside in a city called Costinesti. I am excited because I can’t wait to relax for 7 days by the sea with my lovely boyfriend and our friends.

For this holiday I decided that I should purchase a few beauty products in travel size because I am tired of carrying a whole bag only for my beauty products.

I saw that DM has all sort of travel sized products and I picked 3 of them: a shower gel, a mouthwash and a cream. It goes without saying that if some products don’t exist in travel size, but however, you like them too much, then you have to take them in normal size (like a deodorant or a body spray).

Let’s talk about the products!

1. Balea Deodorant with Coconut& Nectarine scent


Why do I think this product is amazing? That’s maybe because it has no aluminium salts and lately I’ve heard everywhere that the deospray with aluminium should be avoided.

2. Shampoo


 What is written on the packaging doesn’t reflect the content. I normally collect all sorts of packaging from different products and I reuse them. I always use this small bottle of  Gentle milk cleanser from Avene for SHAMPOO. I’ve also been using Elseve branded Shampoos for a really long time now, and from time to time I just change the type to meet my needs ( for dyed hair and color maintenance, for severely dried hair, and so on).

3. Dove Essential Nourishment Hand Cream


My hands don’t usually go dry during the summer, but sometimes it just happens, and since I like to be prepared all the time for any possible situation, I also keep a small sized hand cream in my bag. This product is in the top of my favorite list because of its scent and its “long lasting smooth hands”  effect.

4. Nivea Creme


I bought this mini-sized cream for my face because this one was the only available at DM Store in travel size. I haven’t tried it yet but there are only 10 days left until I will.

5. Dontodent Mouthwash


This one is another product offered in travel sized packaging. I always use mouthwash and since it is not hygienic to place the content in other recipient,  this mini-sized mouthwash is the perfect one for a traveler. The product is also alcohol free.

6. Enliven Raspberry& Red Apple Shower Gel


Why do I think this product is amazing?  Because it is based on natural fruit extracts and because I just simply love its scent.

7. Body Spray Pomegranate&Mango by Avon


 That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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