Review: Hair She Goes Hair Removal Kit by Bella and Bear♥


Last week, I received this Hair Removal Kit by Bella and Bear for this review. The first aspect which caught my eyes regarding this kit was the packaging. As I’ve said in other posts, I am a person who buys lots of items mostly for the packaging and only after I’ve taken in consideration the quality. Don’t think that I act like this is all cases; if the product is more on the pricey side, I know that I need to think twice before I purchase it.

I am super excited about this product because I’ve always wanted to try removing my facial hair (mustache in my case) with something else than wax. Because the mustache is barely noticeable to me and, if you look closer, to you too, I never bothered to pay for removing it at a salon. So I once tried using wax at home but got a rash and since that moment I stopped using the wax in that zone. Even so I was never pleased with the way the wax was removing the hair and I always ended up using the tweezers to finish what I had started. (this activity took me like ages)

But last week I received this kit from Bella and Bear and I tried it last night. I read a lot of reviews in which it was said that this tool removes the hair  with so much pain and I was freaked out because I can not stand the pain.( I am way too sensitive). So I took the plunge and tried it. It was such a big surprise to me when I felt like the minimum feeling of pain and I finished removing the  mustache in seconds.

I was amazed by the way this Hair She Goes Tool works and I am so happy that I received this product. It is so perfect for traveling and there is nothing sticky like wax strips which you must be so careful with. I totally recommend this tool because it has so many positive aspects.

The kit comes with the Hair She Goes Tool and a set of tweezers. The last ones are a plus too because they match the tool and they are so useful.( I used them for my eyebrows and they worked wonderful; you should know that the tip of the tweezers is a little bit thick)


What I Love♥:

*the cute packaging

*the simplicity of this tool- it is so simple to use it

*the fact that it comes with a free gift on the back ( coupon code for the next acquisition)

*it plucks the hair from the root so it will definitely last up to 3-5 weeks depending on the speed of the hair growth

*the packaging is recyclable- a big plus for the environment

What I Don’t Love♥:

I don’t have anything about to complain because it exceeds all my expectations.


If you are interested in purchasing this item then you can order it  here at the price of £11.99. If you are not from U.K. the shipping cost is £7  ( for Romania).


Disclaimer: I received a product at no charge to facilitate this review. The opinions stated are mine and mine alone and are not influenced by any outside source. I only recommend products I believe will be useful to my readers.

That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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