Not a halloween person? I can help you♥


Hello, loves! Today is Halloween and I am not going out to celebrate. Why? Because I am simply not a halloween person. I said it! In my family, no one ever celebrated this event, and maybe that’s why I don’t feel attracted by this holiday.

Maybe, in this very moment, you are preparing for a club night, just creating a spooky makeup with fake wounds and black eyes, or maybe you are that kind of person who is simply dressing as a Disney character. Personally, I prefer the cute version of Halloween and not the creepy one. I hate to see blood or wounds and maybe that’s why this holiday is not one of my favorites.

If you are just like me, not a Halloween person, then this is what you should do this night:

Just get out of your bed to make yourself a hot chocolate because you know we all love it when outside it is so cold and check on your phone. With the scent of chocolate spreaded into the room, go back in your bed, open the laptop  and watch your favorite Tv Series ( I am watching “Revenge” right now). Now it’s the perfect time for a manicure!

But first, let me light a candle with magnolia scent!


I just can’t decide what should I chose: blue or purple? Can you help me?

After you are done doing your nails, throw a mask on your face! Why not? At least this will be the only scary thing you will wear this night, and you can say you are celebrating like the others! I am going with  Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Mask.( read review here).


This is how this night will be for me. Are you with me?Let me a comment down bellow. I will see you tomorrow with my first OOTD for fall.

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 That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!

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