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Hello loves! I am back with another beauty post for all those girls who are not so familiar with makeup but they still want to learn something about it.

Being a makeup & beauty product lover, I kind of know everything about this domain and when I meet girls who only own a brush for powder and that being the wrong one, I can’t manage to understand how something like this can happen. I mean, any girls should have a few makeup brushes for eyes  (and not those small brushes with sponge which come with the palette of eye-shadows) and face.

Last week I went to a makeup workshop organized by Oriflame by Raluca Pucani in collaboration with Makeup Artist Gabriela Popescu.  Even if I know a lot about makeup,  I always want to learn more and I went there to see if I needed to improve my way of make up or not. I definitely learnt a few tricks especially when it comes to how to keep the lipstick in place on your lips for a longer time:

use a concealer/foundation, after that apply powder, then the lip pencil and only after that the lipstick and, if you want more, a lip gloss.

Another thing which I really didn’t know and found out, was that the lip pencil has to be applied all over the lips and not to contour them because in that case the pencil should be called lip liner.

I made a selection of photos from WeHeartIt and Pinterest and I hope you will find it useful.  And now lets see what any girl should know! :)


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I hope you found this useful and if you want any further information about these steps then just ask me in the comment bar!

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That’s all for today. Good bye, my beautiful friends!






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  • Julia
    octombrie 13, 2014

    Coll products need to try! My favorite make up basics come from Benefit they have such good textures.

    ABOYEUR blog is back online! I would love to have your opinion on my post about controversies of fashion blogging!


    Julia from

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